Still Photo Set: Lecture- L. N. S. J. L. S.- Eric Deggans- St. Petersburg, FL- 16.11.18 Fri.

This still photo set is from the Leif Nissan Social Justice Lecture Series founded by Bruce Nissan and Karen Lieberman.  This lecture featured N. P. R. media critic Eric Deggans on “Media And Politics: How The Average Person Can Make A Diffference” and his book “Race-baiter: How The Media Wields Dangerous Words To Divide The Nation” at the Temple Beth- El in St. Petersburg, FL on Fri. 18 Nov. ’16.


Still Photo Set: March- Anti Trump Coalition- St. Petersburg, FL- 16.11.13 Sun.

This still photograph set is from Sun. 13 Nov. ’16 in St. Petersburg, FL as the Anti- Trump Coalition consisting of the Tampa Bay Alliance For Positive Change and Students for a Democratic Society marched from Demens Landing Park in east St. Petersburg on the west shore of Tampa Bay to Williams Park in downtown St. Petersburg and then all the way back.  Enjoy.