One thought on “Spectrum 360 Radio Program

  1. Radio Program Spectrum 360: 14.43- ’14 Nov. 03 Mon.
    Copyright: 2014- Mark Skogman

    Program Segments:

    This edition of S360 again has multiple S360 exclusives that you will hear on no other program! Keep listening!

    01) A recorded speech by Chuck Terzian on the Move To Amend movement at the March Against Corruption in Williams Park in St. Petersburg Florida on Sat. 01 Nov. ’14. An informative speech indeed.

    02) A recorded speech by a man I refer to as Mr. V Mask Anonymous on internet freedom and net neutrality, also in Williams Park in St. Petersburg Florida on Sat. 01 Nov. ’14. The man who gave the speech preferred to remain anonymous and wore what many people refer to as a “V’ mask, the mask worn by people in the film “V For Vendetta”. After this speech Mr. Anonymous was still on the stage in Williams Park working as one of two sound technicians for the March Against Corruption event, when a St. Petersburg police officer insisted he come to the side of the stage while the event wasz being conducted and demanded that he identify himself to the officer or be arrested for wearing the mask and stated that he has as a police officer had the discretion to arrest people for wearing masks or not, because wearing a mask was against some type of law. More on this later after the speech…

    03) A recorded interview with Chuck Terzian and Mr. V Mask Anonymous regarding the arrest threat by a St. Petersburg police officer regarding the wearing of the “V” Mask by Mr. V Mask Anonymous.

    04) A live roundtable discussion regarding the General Election 2014, which ends tomorrow on Election Day Tue. 04 Nov. ’14 at 7PM when all the polls close with Victor DeMaio, political campaign consultant and guest panelist on multiple Tampa Bay area media programs, including Spectrum 360. The hosts of Spectrum 360 will have a live discussion with Victor to complete the program.

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