T. Article: Review- The Documentary Video Series “We Need To Talk About Cosby”


For the record… Bill Cosby is a very talented man that became very successful, famous and rich and did do a lot of positive things in his life. A lot of positive things. There is a lot of very credible evidence he is also a serial rapist that drugged and raped over 100 women. He was never charged in the vast majority of these rape incidents, many of which took decades to become known to anyone other than Cosby himself and his victim.

I am satisfied that this is the absolute truth. I watched the documentary video series “We Need To Talk About Cosby”, written and directed by W. Kamau Bell on ShowTime. I watched the programs with an open mind, watched in detail and watched the episodes multiple times over a period of many weeks. The programs are very well produced, very interesting and fascinating. I highly recommend the series. The information is shocking. It is not light and easy viewing.

And this is not even the only documentary video series that has this information about Bill Cosby. There is more information about Bill Cosby committing rapes in “Secrets Of Playboy” on A & E that corroborate the information in “We Need To Talk About Cosby”. Fascinating and disgusting! Watch and form your own view. I have been intending to post about this documentary video series for many months and now I finally have.

This is especially important information considering the Trump “Access Hollywood” video and the recent Trump conviction for sexual abuse with a $5 Million verdict in the E. Jean Carroll court case. This information is becoming a controversy on Twitter now for some reason and is really getting ridiculous. Learn the truth and not the ridiculous spin.

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