T. Article: Spectrum 360 Coverage Of The People’s Climate March


18216807_1942665945964734_6284630288428580319_oSpectrum 360 Coverage Of The People’s Climate March

Mark Skogman     Senior Reporter     Spectrum 360 Media

’17 Apr. 30 Sun.     Washington D. C.

This is Mark Skogman, Executive Producer for Spectrum 360 Media and the host of the Spectrum 360 radio program, now on 5 stations in the Tampa Bay area in Florida. Staff members of Spectrum 360 Media has been in the Washington D. C. area for over one week covering the Marches happening in Washington D. C. over the last two weekends: The March For Science on Sat. 22 Apr. ’17 and the People’s Climate March on Sat. 29 Apr. ’17. Today was the People’s Climate March and I was there in person to cover the March. Wow, was the weather hot. And it is April! I recorded multiple videos today and some of them are already posted on the internet on Facebook and will be shared to Spectrum 360 Video and Spectrum 360 Media on Facebook and also www.spectrum360media.com. So, look for the Spectrum 360 videos and still photographs from the People’s Climate March!


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