T. Article: Spectrum 360 Coverage Of The People’s Climate March


18216807_1942665945964734_6284630288428580319_oSpectrum 360 Coverage Of The People’s Climate March

Mark Skogman     Senior Reporter     Spectrum 360 Media

’17 Apr. 30 Sun.     Washington D. C.

This is Mark Skogman, Executive Producer for Spectrum 360 Media and the host of the Spectrum 360 radio program, now on 5 stations in the Tampa Bay area in Florida. Staff members of Spectrum 360 Media has been in the Washington D. C. area for over one week covering the Marches happening in Washington D. C. over the last two weekends: The March For Science on Sat. 22 Apr. ’17 and the People’s Climate March on Sat. 29 Apr. ’17. Today was the People’s Climate March and I was there in person to cover the March. Wow, was the weather hot. And it is April! I recorded multiple videos today and some of them are already posted on the internet on Facebook and will be shared to Spectrum 360 Video and Spectrum 360 Media on Facebook and also www.spectrum360media.com. So, look for the Spectrum 360 videos and still photographs from the People’s Climate March!


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T. Article: The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals Rules Against The Trump Administration’s Travel Ban


The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals Rules Against The Trump Administration’s Travel Ban

Mark Skogman     Senior Reporter     Spectrum 360 Media

’17 Feb. 09 Thu.     San Francisco, CA

Today, at approximately 6:35PM Eastern Time, it was announced that the U. S. 9th Circuit Court Of Appeals in San Francisco, California ruled on the Trump Administration’s Executive Order on Travel from 7 majority Muslim countries in the Middle Eastern region of the world and allowed the temporary restraining order by the lower courts to stay in effect.  This is the second ruling by Federal Courts on the so- called Travel Ban.  The ruling allows the injunction to stay in effect in the State Of Washington Et Al Vs. Donald Trump case.  This prevents the travel ban from being implemented as written.

The ruling was issued by a three judge panel of the court that includes Carter appointee William Canby Jr., G. W. Bush appointee Richard Clifton and Obama appointee, Michelle Friedland  This is a significant legal defeat for the Trump administration.  Critics of the Trump Administration interpret this as a clear indication of the incompetence and unconsitutionality with which the order was drafted and then implemented with it’s subsequent chaos and disruption of Federal Agencies, international travel and the lives of the individual persons and families affected.  At least one person has died due to the the situations that the travel ban created as reported by Democracy now last week.  The countries affected by the travel ban are: Iraq, Iran, Syria, Libya, Sudan, Yemen and Somalia.  Some of these countries are taking measures to retaliate.

Donald Trump has vowed that his Administration will fight this ruling and downplayed the ruling in brief comments to reporters in a hallway at the White House after the ruling was announced.  Will this include Donald Trump continuing to insult the Federal Judiciary via Twitter? Only time will tell.

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T. and S. Awake Pinellas Coalition Conducts Meeting To Prepare For Trump


Mark Skogman     Senior Reporter     Spectrum 360 Media

The Awake Pinellas Coalition conducted a well attended meeting entitled “Preparing For Trump” at the Main Branch of the  St. Petersburg, Florida Library on the evening of Tuesday, 22 November, 2016.  There were 114 people attending and these following organizations participated:

Service Employees International Union, Dream Defenders, American Civil Liberties Union, Council of American Islamic Relations, Food and Water Watch, Planned Parenthood, Fight for $15, American Promise, West Pinellas National Organization for Women, League Of Women Voters and the Sierra Club.

The meeting started with a brief overview of  the Awake Pinellas process for this meeting, lead by Fight For $15 organizer Kofi Hunt.  Then the group split into small groups to focus on specific issues with specific organizations.  Finally the small groups reconvened into the large group and verbal reports were addressed to the group with individual announcements closing the event.

There was a lot of energy generated and a lot of animated conversation happened during and after this meeting.  The theme “preparing for Trump” has engaged local citizens and their local organizations with a concern and urgency that has not materialized at this level in recent months or years, certainly not in the months before the recently completed General Election 2016.  But now it is the post- election period with a political landscape that has changed a lot with the reality of a President- Elect Donald Trump.  People that are politically center- left have been very surprised with the result of the Presidential election and have reacted with alarm at the election of Donald Trump and what will happen with a Donald Trump administration.

There is concern with what will be unleashed on January 20th, 2017 when a President that many people consider manifestly unfit and unqualified for office will take office as President with no experience in government whatsoever.  Citizens, be it as individuals or organized into groups, are dismayed at the 700 plus hate incidents since the general election was conducted that have been documented by the Southern Poverty Law Center (https://www.splcenter.org/hatewatch/2016/11/18/update-incidents-hateful-harassment-election-day-now-number-701).

Just four days ago, on Saturday 19 November, 2016, there was the meeting at the Ronald Reagan building (yes, the Ronald Reagan building) in Washington D. C. by the White nationalist National Policy Institute where Richard Spencer spoke to the assembled attendees.  This resulted in a a loud “hail Trump” chant being shouted in the room that was disturbingly similar to the “Heil Hitler” mass chants of the Nazi era in 1930’s and 1940’s Germany with many people in the room actually imitating the Nazi salute as well.  The subjects discussed by Spencer include the superiority of the White race and reportedly anti- Jewish rhetoric as well.  This garnered national media attention.  Reports document increased incidents of bullying in schools  since the general election.     https://www.democracynow.org/shows/2016/11/23

With this changed political atmosphere in the last two weeks, there is a lot of motivation to resist what is perceived by many citizens as a tolerance of and an increase in racism, sexism, misogyny, discrimination, Fascism and corruption.  After the Thanksgiving break, the coming weeks will be sprinkled with multiple meetings by multiple organizations addressing a range of issues with individual action plans.

Directly after this meeting, a meeting was conducted by the Democratic Progressive Caucus of Tampa Bay in another location.  Today, there is a “Not Now, Not Ever March Against Trump” in Tampa at Gaslight Park.

This weekend on Saturday, 26 November, there is a Water Protectors demonstration and direct action in North Florida against the Sabal Trail Pipeline (https://www.facebook.com/events/1652875315010/?active_tab=about).

Tuesday, 29 November will see an event by Fight For $15 in Tampa, Florida billed as a “National Day Of Disruption” (https://www.facebook.com/events/210983786011459/) with at least two other events ranging from a peace rally to an anti- Trump demonstration scheduled for the same day.  In December there will be multiple events.

On Friday, 20 January, Inauguration Day, there is a scheduled general strike and a demonstration (https://www.facebook.com/events/1068785513242447/) and the very next day there is the Women’s March On Washington (https://www.facebook.com/events/692127054269714/).  What will actually be accomplished in the time between now and Inauguration Day?  Time will tell.  Stay tuned, politicos.

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S. Still Photo Set: Lecture- L. N. S. J. L. S.- Eric Deggans- St. Petersburg, FL- 16.11.18 Fri.


This still photo set is from the Leif Nissan Social Justice Lecture Series founded by Bruce Nissan and Karen Lieberman.  This lecture featured N. P. R. media critic Eric Deggans on “Media And Politics: How The Average Person Can Make A Diffference” and his book “Race-baiter: How The Media Wields Dangerous Words To Divide The Nation” at the Temple Beth- El in St. Petersburg, FL on Fri. 18 Nov. ’16.

Still Photo Set: March- Anti Trump Coalition- St. Petersburg, FL- 16.11.13 Sun.


This still photograph set is from Sun. 13 Nov. ’16 in St. Petersburg, FL as the Anti- Trump Coalition consisting of the Tampa Bay Alliance For Positive Change and Students for a Democratic Society marched from Demens Landing Park in east St. Petersburg on the west shore of Tampa Bay to Williams Park in downtown St. Petersburg and then all the way back.  Enjoy.   

T. The Orlando Pulse Nightclub Attack- Spectrum 360 Memorial


This is the Spectrum 360 Media memorial meme for the victims of the Orlando terrorist attack on Sun. 12 June, 2016.

The lite painting photograph that was used to make this meme was taken at the Orlando Pulse nightclub attack vigil on Sun. 12 June, 2016 in St. Petersburg, Florida at City Hall. Were you there?