Titile Meme for the Spectrum 360 Interview

A. The Spectrum 360 Media Interview: Michael Fox about the current state of the Primary Elections and the Bernie Sanders For U. S. President campaign- ’20 Mar. 09 Mon.

This is the complete interview of Michael Fox. An excerpt of this interview was broadcast on the radio program Spectrum 360 on Mon. 09 Mar., ’20. This is the full interview with introduction. Enjoy! Time: 18:49

Titile Meme for the Spectrum 360 Interview

A. Interview: Merrillee Malwitz- Gipson, Environmental Activist- ’20 Mar. 02 Mon.

Interview: Merrillee Malwitz- Gipson, long time and very knowledgable environmental activist, Water Protector and founding member of the Our Santa Fe River environmental organization on the Kayaktivism demonstration on the Santa Fe River at Ginnie Springs in north central Florida on Saturday, 29 February, 2020 and the opposition to the Seven Springs/Nestle ground water extraction from the Florida Aquifer to manufacture plastic bottled water.

Merrillee has extensive knowledge of water in the state of Florida, the Florida Aquifer and the Santa Fe River and the problems associated with protecting and preserving water resources from extractive and environmentally dangerous corporations and their anti- environment practices. Water is life! Listen as we discuss in detail the issues with the environment and water in north central Florida that led to the Kayaktivism Water Protector demonstration on the Santa Fe River and against the water permit for Nestle, a foreign corporation. A Spectrum 360 Media exclusive!

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Titile Meme for the Spectrum 360 Interview

A. Interview- Telephone- Conn, Russell- ’19 Oct. 14 Mon.- 25:39

The Spectrum 360 telephone interview with Russell Conn, Chair of the Hillsborough County Democratic Environmental Caucus Of Florida on the Environmental Caucus and Progressive Caucus meetings at the Florida Democratic Party State Convention in Orlando, Florida on Saturday, 12 October, 2019 and also what the atmosphere at the convention was like and what is happening with the Impeachment campaign.