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A. Spectrum 360 Interview: Bill Hurley, Respiratory Therapist- ’20 Apr. 08 Wen.

Interview: Bill Hurley, respiratory therapist Interviewers: T. K. Weeks, Mark Skogman Date: ’20 Apr. 08 Wed. Description: Bill Hurley, respiratory therapist, prepares to go to Queens, New York to Elmhurst Hospital to work during the COVID- 19 Corona Virus disease pandemic.    Time: 20:58     

More Information: Bill Hurley is a friend of the Spectrum 360 Media staff and Mark Skogman and T. K. Weeks have known Bill Hurley for several years. In recent years, he became a respiratory therapist. Now, the COVID- 19 Corona Virus disease pandemic is spreading across the population of the United States. Mr. Hurley has volunteered to go to work as a respiratory therapist at Elmhurst Hospital in Queens, New York to work with Corona Virus patients. The need for respiratory therapists is severe as the epicenter of the COVID- 19 Corona Virus crisis in the United States is in New York State. There are a tremendous number of COVID- 19 patients needing ventilators to stay alive long enough to have the opportunity to recover from the disease, if they can. We interviewed Bill Hurley as he prepared to leave for his assignment in New York City. Listen to this important interview!

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  1. Cynthia McKinney Michael Canney Kelly Benjamin Also, Cynthia and Michael obviously don’t know any respiratory therapists or nurses. I most certainly do. I live with a nurse! Here is a link to the interview that we broadcast on the radio program Spectrum 360 with Bill Hurley, a respiratory therapist that is a friend of ours that worked in New Orleans and then went to freaking Elmhurst (!!!) Hospital (!!!) in N. Y. C. during the height of the pandemic in New York (!!!) and saw about 40% of the intubated COVID-19 patients die in front of him (!!!). They took multiple truck loads of bodies out of the hospital to be buried on Long Island! He was so affected by the experience we have yet to be able to do another full length interview with him because he was so horrified, altho we have some details. So, listen and live!!

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