Florida Voter Registration Deadline Extended


Great news! Florida Governor Ron “Deathsantis” DeSantis actually did something right! Yesterday, Monday, 05 October was the last day to register to vote in the state of Florida. But last nite as the deadline approached, the Florida State online voter registration system went out of service. The deadline to register to vote has been extended to today, Tuesday, 06 October, 2020 until 7PM by the Governor in response to pressure to fix this problem. The state is asking people registering to vote to not use the online system unless they have to. You can register until 7PM today at Elections, Motor Vehicle and Tax Collector Offices! Register to vote and vote! Democracy in the United States is in jeopardy! #Vote #Rockthevote #Defeat45

T. Memorial Day- 2020: Remembering U. S. Army S. F. C. Eugene Merlyn Rick


When I was 9 years old, I lived in the great state of Minnesota and I attended Lincoln Elementary School in Anoka, MN. My best friend in elementary school at that time was Donald Rick.

His father was Eugene Merlyn Rick, United States Army Sergeant First Class. Rick was Airborne trained and assigned to Company B, 2nd Battalion, 503rd Regiment with the Airborne Battle Group. In 1965, May, his unit was deployed to southern South Viet Nam as one of the units in the first major military build up of the Viet Nam War after President Johnson became President. He was killed in Viet Nam on 10 October, 1965.

We were told that he had been with his unit on patrol on a trail, something you should never do in Viet Nam at that time. He stepped on a “bouncing betty” booby trap mine that was designed to spring up to waist level, explode and maim, not kill outright, so that other troops then had to assist the incapacitated, wounded man and that decreased the effectiveness of the unit. The bottom half of his body was blown up and he bled to death laying on a trail in the jungle. That was the story we were told. I believe it was a closed casket funeral.

I will always, always remember the terrible sadness of my best friend’s father being killed. We lived in the same apartment building as the Ricks, on the second floor, right across the hall from each other. His death was this ghastly, unspeakable horror that cast a psychological pall over the apartment building for months after. I could feel it! It changed me permanently. It became part of me. A few feet away from our front door was where I stood when my mother told me that John Kennedy had been killed. That changed me, too. Both of these deaths had a profound impact on me.

I remember S. F. C. Rick came home on leave once. He wore his uniform. To me he was this larger than life kind of powerful, God- like person. And yet he was so tired. He slept a lot. He kept falling asleep on their couch and sprawling out. We mere children just quietly, slowly, carefully walked by him when he was sleeping. I only got to talk to him a little. Then, suddenly he was gone. A few months later we got the news. He was dead. And my friend grew up from about 9 years old without his father.

Remembering S. F. C. Eugene Merlyn Rick on this and every Memorial Day… forever. Salute! Present arms! Fire 3 times by 7! Crack of rifle shots! 21! Receive the folded tri- corner flag from a grateful nation. The dead are dead forever.

When I go to Washington D. C., I do what a lot of Americans do. I go to the Viet Nam War Memorial wall. I find his name and even tho I have never served even a day in the military, I stand at attention and salute, say a prayer and think of that time in 1965 and what happened 55 years ago. I will remember, always remember. How can I forget? And I never, ever want to forget. It is my duty. Wall panel 2E, Line 117.







Anoka County




T. Trump Impeachment: U. S. Senate Votes Against Witnesses And Documents In The Senate Trump Trial


2020 January 31 Friday: from Washington D. C. and the U. S. Senate… the Trump Impeachment Trial! The U. S. Senate votes 51- 49 to prevent hearing from more witnesses including John Bolton, Mick Mulvaney and others. The vote comes as revelations about the John Bolton book and the Trump lawyer Pat Cipollone are being revealed daily. Pat Cipollone was sent a letter by the House Impeachment managers warning that they had information that he was a material witness in the trial and should not have represented Trump in the Impeachment! U. S. Senators and Republicans Willard “Mitt” Romney and Susan Collins voted for witnesses and documents with the Democrats. #Trumpimpeachment #Trumptrial #Impeachmenthearing #MittRomney #susanCollins #JohnBolton

T. Article: Mail Bombs Mailed To Former U. S. Presidents Clinton And Obama and C. N. N.- New York


T. Article: Mail Bombs Mailed To Former U. S. Presidents Clinton And Obama and C. N. N.- New York

2018 Oct. 24 Wed.  E. D. T.     Last update: 21:37     Reporting From St. Petersburg, FL  U. S. A.

Mark Skogman     Senior Reporter     Spectrum 360 Media

Today, packages containing bombs were mailed to the Bill And Hillary Clinton residence in Chappaqua, N. Y., the Barack and Michelle Obama residence in northwestern Washington D. C. and the Cable News Network New York City “Hub” headquarters.

On Monday, 22 October, a bomb was delivered to the mailbox of the residence of George Soros in Ketonah, N. Y. The bomb package did not detonate, a Soros employee brought it into a wooded area and police were called.

The bombs mailed to the former Presidents were intercepted in the mail stream by routine security checks and the bombs did not explode.  The former First Families were never in danger from these bombs. This is an ongoing situation and multiple law enforcement agencies are involved in investigating these cases.  Mail to current and former Presidents, Cabinet officials and Congress are processed at a mail processing facility using security protocols and are not delivered directly to the addressee without screening.

There was a report that a bomb was mailed to the White House in Washington, D. C., the residence of the First Family but this has been determined to be a false rumor. Late breaking information indicates that the padded envelope sent to C. N. N.- New York was addressed to former Director Of Central Intelligence John Brennan, a media contributor but not a C. N. N. employee.

Some initial reactions to this breaking story criticized U. S. President Donald Trump for encouraging physical violence at his campaign rallies over the last three years, fomenting an atmosphere of lawlessness with his supporters and supporting and encouraging people to body slam reporters at his rallies over this last weekend.

The Sunrise, Florida office of U. S. Representative Debbie Wasserman- Schultz was also searched, as the envelopes that were mailed containing the bombs used her address as the return address on the envelope. The type of bomb was identified as a simple black gun powder bomb design.

The C. N. N.- New York headquarters was evacuated as a precaution and C. N. N. facilities world wide were subject to bomb searches and security checks.

Other bombs were mailed to former U. S. Attorney General Eric Holder in Washington, D. C. and U. S. Senator Kamala Harris in California. They were also intercepted successfully. Eric Holder has had a private law practice in Washington D. C. since his resignation from the Obama Administration.  The mail bomb mailed to Eric Holder was actually returned to the return address due to a problem with address on the envelope, which was the office of Debbie Wasserman- Schultz.  Police took possession of the bomb there.

In a final bombing incident today, two mail bombs were mailed to U. S. Representative Maxine Waters and once again the bomb was intercepted using the routine security procedures for mail screening of Congressional mail.

To this time, there have been no detonations of any of the bombs and all the bombs have failed to come into contact with their apparent targets.

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T. Spectrum 360 Media Publishes Media From the Women’s March Women’s Day Of Action on Sunday, 21 January, 2018.


T.  Spectrum 360 Media Publishes Media From the Women’s March Women’s Day Of Action on Sunday, 21 January, 2018.

Spectrum 360 Media attended the march and rally at the Women’s Day Of Action event in Williams Park in Saint Petersburg, FL on Sunday, 21 January, 2018.  This event was conducted by the volunteer activists of the Women’s March- FL/St. Pete/Pinellas Co.  Spectrum 360 was the only media organization that video recorded the entire four plus hour event and also did still photography and audio recording of this important event.  We were there for it all!

Spectrum 360 Media has posted multiple types of media for the public to see at http://www.spectrum360media.com.  There will be additional media from the event posted starting on Thursday, 01 February, 2018.  Here is a list of the extensive media posted already to date at http://www.spectrum360media.com and on Facebook and Twitter:


Audio     Audio     Audio     Audio     Audio


01)  Radio program Spectrum 360- 18.04- ’18 Jan. 22 Mon.  The special Women’s March edition of the program!  The entire second half of the program is devoted to Women’s March coverage:

32:42     Audio Montage: The Sounds Of The Women’s Day Of Action

35:59     Speech: Rae Claire Johnson-  American Promise Of Tampa Bay

41:54     Speech: Gina Driscoll- City Council Member- St. Petersburg, FL

45:24     Speech: Darden Rice- City Council Member- St. Petersburg, FL

50:19     Speech: Moderator Maria Jose introduces Rick Kriseman- Mayor- St. Petersburg, FL



Video     Video     Video     Video     Video


The first video is a short introductory video of the Women’s Day Of Action in less than 3 minutes with audio and still photographs by Mark Skogman!  Start here!



Spectrum 360 Media has posted the initial set of Women’s March videos with 7 speaker videos posted on http://www.spectrum360media.com:

01)     V.  W. D. A.- 18.01.21 Su.- 08- Lisa Perry     03:56     Organizer Lisa Perry.


02)     V.  W. D. A.- 18.01.21 Su.- 09- Lakeisha Black     08:21     Organizer Lakeisha Black introduced by organizer and moderator Maria Jose Chapa.


03)     V.  W. D. A.- 18.01.21 Su.- 10- Darden Rice     04:52     St. Petersburg, FL City Council Woman Darden Rice


04)     V.  W. D. A.- 18.01.21 Su.- 11- Jennifer Webb     04:35     Candidate for FL State House Of Representative Distict 69 Jennifer Webb


05)     V.  W. D. A.- 18.01.21 Su.- 12- Gina Driscoll     03:53     St. Petersburg, FL City Council Woman Gina Driscoll


06)     V.  W. D. A.- 18.01.21 Su.- 13- Rene Flowers     06:08     Pinellas Co. School Board Chair Rene Flowers


07)     V.  W. D. A.- 18.01.21 Su.- 14- Rae Claire Johnson     06:05     Activist Rae Claire Johnson with American Promise- Tampa Bay



There are also 4 short sampler videos of the Women’s Day Of Action posted at Spectrum 360 Video on Facebook:


01)     00:22     01- March and Chant: Voting Power



02)     00:33     02- Chant: Dem. Looks Like



03)     00:22     03- Song: We Shall Not Be Moved



04)     00:20     04- Song: Geri X.



Still Photography     Still Photography     Still Photography     Still Photography     Still Photography

01)     S. Still Photo. Set: M. And R.- Women’s March- Women’s Day Of Action- 18.01.21 Sun.- 01- Gen.

This is the first set of still photographs from the Women’s Day Of Action.  There will be more still photo sets posted as time allows.  There are a lot more still photos to publish!


T. United States Congress Fails To Pass Continuing Resolution And The Federal Government Closes


Today, Saturday, 20 January, 2018, the U. S. Senate failed to pass the Continuing Resolution to fund the Federal Government and the Federal Government is now closing until it is funded by Congress and the President.  there is continuing work in the Senate but it did not prevent the start of the process of closure of the Federal Government.

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T. Radio Program- Spectrum 360- Webcasts: Index- 2017- December


Program:     ’17 Dec. 04 Mon.     17.43


Seg.:     01     News Summary And This Week In History     10:28

Seg.:     02     Future Events Calendar              20:14

Seg.:     03     Jim Hightower Commentary        27:34

Seg.:     04     Interview: Fay Cunningham- Civilian Conservation Corps alumni and        worker  on the United States Mahattan Project atomic bomb program     32:11


Program:     ’17 Dec. 11 Mon.     17.44


Seg.:     01     News Summary                       13:44

Seg.:     02     Future Events Calendar           23:29

Seg.:     03     Jim Hightower Commentary     28:57

Seg.:     04     Interview: Brian Lee- Co Founder of and Communications Director For Re- Think Energy Florida about the Reclaiming Florida’s Future event in Tallhassee, FL on Jan. 30 Tue. and Jan. 31 Wen., ’18     33:33

Seg.:     05     Coverage: Rally And March- Floridians Against Corruption And Treason- ’17 Dec. 10 Sun.     46:11


Program:     ’17 Dec. 18 Mon.     17.45


Seg.:     01     Comedy: Real Time With Bill Maher- Trump And Christmas     10:53

Seg.:     02     Special Report: T. K. Weeks- A. F. L./C. I. O. State Convention     16:22

Seg.:     03     Future Events Calendar              21:06

Seg.:     04     Jim Hightower Commentary        26:24

Seg.:     05     Review- Concert: Steve Earle     30:56

Seg.:     06     Review- Film: Happening: A Clean Energy Revolution     37:34

Seg.:     07     The Resistance With Keith Olbermann- final program      43:28


Program:     ’17 Dec. 25 Mon.     17.46


Song:     01     Happy Christmas (War Is Over)- John Lennon

Song:     02     Santa Doesn’t Cop Out On Dope- Martin Mull

Song:     03     The Same Auld Lang Syne- Dan Fogelberg

Song:     04     I Want A Hippopotamus For Christmas- Gayle Peevey

Song:     05     The Pause Of Mr. Claus- Arlo Guthrie

Song:     06     Santa Claus Is Coming To Town- Bruce Springsteen

Seg.:     02     Comedy: Real Time With Bill Maher- Trump And Christmas  Hilarious!     27:11

Seg.:     03     Jim Hightower Commentary     32:18

T. Early Voting In Pinellas County, Florida


From the www.votepinellas.com website…..

Early Voting

Early voting was approved by the Florida Legislature in 2004. Statewide, early voting is currently held a minimum of the 10th day through the 3rd day prior to any federal, state or county election, with the Supervisor of Elections having the option to provide early voting on the 15th, 14th, 13th, 12th, 11th and 2nd days prior to the election. Times vary among counties, but must be no less than 8 hours and no more than 12 hours per day.


November 7, 2017 County Referendum and Municipal General Election
Saturday, October 28 – Sunday, November 5
Monday-Friday: 10:00 a.m.-6:00 p.m.; Saturday-Sunday: 9:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.

Early voting Locations:
– Supervisor of Elections Office: County Courthouse (map) –
315 Court St., Room 117, Clearwater, 33756
(voter parking spots will be designated in Courthouse parking lots)
– Supervisor of Elections Office: Election Service Center (map) –
13001 Starkey Rd., Starkey Lakes Corporate Ctr, Largo, 33773
– Supervisor of Elections Office: County Building (map) –
501 First Ave. N., St. Petersburg, 33701

T. Article: The Largest Mass Casualty Shooting In U. S. History Happens In Las Vegas Nevada


The Largest Mass Casualty Shooting In U. S. History Happens In Las Vegas Nevada

Mark Skogman     Senior Reporter     Spectrum 360 Media

2017 October 02 Monday     Las Vegas, Nevada  U. S. A.      Last update: 2017 Oct. 02 Mon. 16:18

On the evening of Sunday, 01 October, 2017 the largest mass shooting in U. S. history happened in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Reports of  shots fired started coming in to Las Vegas Police about 10:08PM local time (Pacific Daylight Time).  Initial reports from Las Vegas indicate the casualties include 50 or more dead and 400 or more injured, many of the injured have gun shot wounds.  The name of the suspect is Stephen Craig Paddock, age 64, of Mesquite, Nevada.  The suspect apparently acted alone and is dead at this time, as he apparently committed suicide shortly before local police assaulted his location at 11:20PM, an hour and 20 minutes after the first shooting report to police.  Las Vegas area law enforcement broke into the 32nd floor Mandalay Bay hotel room that he used as the sniping location to shoot automatic weapons fire at the approximately 22,000 concert attendees of the Route 91 Harvest Festival within shooting distance of the hotel.   Two hotel room windows were broken out so that the shooter could fire on the crowd.  Jason Aldean was the country music musician playing on stage as the shooting started.

Many injured people have been transported to the University Medical Center in Las Vegas, a Level One trauma center.  Several deaths have been confirmed and the death number as of Monday afternoon was confirmed to be 58 or more people with over 500 people transported with injuries.

Paddock was a former employee of a defense contractor, the Lockheed- Martin Corporation and was retired.  He had lived in Florida and moved back to the Las Vegas area about 2 years ago, reportedly due to allergies and was a frequent visitor to Las Vegas and downtown casinos.  Recent large cash transactions by the alleged gunman in excess of $10,000 have been documented but it is unclear if they are gambling winnings or losses or if they are directly tied to this attack.  Ten guns have been identified as being in the hotel room used by the shooter, who had no significant police record.  Rifles chambered in .223 (also known as mini- 14) and .308 calibers have been found that are associated with the alleged killer.  The father of the apparent shooter has a criminal history including a prison escape in 1968 and remained a fugitive until being re- captured in 1978.  Eric Paddock, the shooter’s brother and Florida resident gave a statement to media and described his brother as not a criminal and “just a guy”.  Paddock’s residence in Mesquite was searched and secured earlier today.

U. S. President Trump tweeted a condolence to the victims and families at about 04:00AM today.  White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee- Sanders conducted a press conference today and at 2:15PM Eastern Time refused to answer any questions about gun policy or gun control, brushing off multiple gun related questions from reporters.  At 02:41PM, President Trump and Vice President Pence with spouses and White House staff including Marine guards conducted a moment of silence for the victims of this tragedy on the White House lawn in front of the Truman balcony.

The Middle Eastern terrorist organization, Isis issued a statement stating it was responsible for the attack.  This appears to have no credibility at all at this time.

For information on relatives or friends that may have been involved in this incident and their location call 866-535-5654.  To contact the Federal Bureau of Investigation (F. B. I.) with evidence related to the shooting call 800-225-5324.

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T. Article: Rain Fall Amounts And Climate Change? What Is Happening?


Rain Fall Amounts And Climate Change?  What Is Happening?

Mark Skogman     Senior Reporter     Spectrum 360 Media

’17 Oct. 01 Sun.     St. Petersburg, FL  U. S. A.

On Sunday, 10 September, 2017 Hurricane Irma went through Saint Petersburg, Florida and there was 8.0 inches of rain in my rain gauge.  On Friday, 29 September, 2017 a storm that was not a hurricane went through Saint Petersburg, Florida and there was 5.4 inches rain in my rain gauge.  So a big hurricane only dropped 2.6 inches more than a non- hurricane rain storm. It appears to me that over the last 3 to 4 years, rain storms are dropping high amounts of rain more and more frequently.

Is this due to disruptive climate change resulting from atmospheric heating? I think so. This is one of the predicted effects of disruptive climate change. I see more and more soil erosion happening right in front of the studio from heavy rain fall. In the past, this did not happen nearly as often as it has in the last one to two years. I am going to have to do some mitigation work to stop the soil erosion. This is just one small step to prepare for what is coming. There will be a lot more to come.

This is so insignificant compared to what the people of Puerto Rico are having to deal with right now where there is very inadequate water, food, shelter, electricity, fuel, money, transportation and medical care!  Remember the people of Florida and Texas, as well.  People are dying!  And this is only the beginning of the climate change era.

#RainFall     #Climate Change#     #HurricaneIrma     #St. Petersburg     #PuertoRico

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Photograph of a storm panel on a house in St. Petersburg, FL during Hurricane Irma.