T. United States Congress Fails To Pass Continuing Resolution And The Federal Government Closes

Today, Saturday, 20 January, 2018, the U. S. Senate failed to pass the Continuing Resolution to fund the Federal Government and the Federal Government is now closing until it is funded by Congress and the President.  there is continuing work in the Senate but it did not prevent the start of the process of closure of the Federal Government.

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T. Article: James Comey Fired As Director Of The Federal Bureau Of Investigation

James Comey Fired As Director Of The Federal Bureau Of Investigation

Mark Skogman     Senior Reporter     Spectrum 360 Media

’17 May 09 Tue.     Washington D. C.

Happening Now: media reports indicate that President Trump has fired James Comey as Director of the Federal Bureau Of Investigation (F. B. I.)!  Surely, there was legitimate cause to fire him but why was the timing today?  Andrew McCabe, the Deputy Director of the F. B. I., is this now Director of the F. B. I.  Is this a slow motion, Nixon style “Saturday night massacre” by the Trump Administration, motivated by the danger that the F. B. I. investigation into Michael Flynn and his and the Trump Administration’s connections to Russia pose to this Presidency???  On MSNBC’s Hardball, Chris Matthews just used the term “Tuesday night massacre”.  So, I am not the only one wondering about this aspect of this situation!  Now, the U. S. Senator from New York, Charles “Chuck” Schumer just asked the question I asked earlier in this paragraph…… “Why now?”

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