V. W. D. A.- 18.01.21 Su.- 14- Rae Claire Johnson


Event: March and Rally- Women’s Day Of Action     Date: ’18 Jan. 21 Sat.     Location: Williams Park  St. Petersburg FL     Org.: Women’s March- FL/St. Pete/Pinellas Co.     Video: 14- Rae Claire Johnson     Description: Activist Rae Claire Johnson with American Promise- Tampa Bay speaks about what she believes are very important issues for the American people- Louis Powell, the Powell memo, the American Legislative Exchange Council (A. L. E. C.), the American City and County Exchange (A. C. C. E.), Russian funding of the N. R. A., overturning the Citizens United Ruling by the U. S. Supreme Court and the American people re- asserting control over their government with reform of the way elections are funded.     Time: 06:08     Copyright (C) 2017 Mark A. Skogman  All rights reserved.


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