Titile Meme for the Spectrum 360 Interview

A. Spectrum 360 Interview: Janelle Christensen- Chair- Democratic Environmental Caucus Of Florida- ’20 May 11 Mon.


Interview: Janelle Christensen     Date: ’20 May 11 Mon. Description: Janelle Christensen is the State Committee Chair of the Democratic Environmental Caucus Of Florida. The Democratic Environmental Caucus Of Florida is the Florida Democratic Party caucus that focuses on environmental issues in the state of Florida and electing Democrats that are pro- environment.  Janelle was elected State Chair in June, 2019. We talk with Janelle about the D. E. C. F., the state of the environment in Florida and environmental activism in the era of a disease pandemic. Time: 28:55    Copyright (C) 2020 Mark Skogman  All rights reserved.

Email: janellejchristensen@gmail.com http://www.environmentalcaucus.com #JanelleChristensen #DemocraticEnvironmentalCaucusOfFlorida #DECF

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