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All three of the videos from the Richard Painter speech event from Thursday, 12 March, 2020 at the Greater Pinellas Democratic Club in Clearwater, Florida have been posted to http://www.spectrum360media.com and available to view now in any order. Richard Painter speaks about his new book “American Nero”, the history of the destruction of the rule of law and why Trump is the worst offender and the tremendous danger and failure of the Trump Administration currently in office in the U. S. The best selling author and co- author of the this new book “American Nero” is Peter Golenbock and he gives the introduction to Richard Painter’s speech. Mr. Painter also conducted a question and answer session after the speech. It’s all here! This is an important speech and book! Go watch all of the videos. Find the links to the videos below! Watch before it is too late!

This speech video is in 3 parts: 01) The introduction to Richard Painter’s speech by best selling author and book co- author Peter Golenbock, 02) The speech by Richard Painter on the book “American Nero” and 03) the question and answer session with Richard Painter. These are excellent and important videos! Make sure you watch all three videos!

Here are the links to all the videos:

Author- Richard Painter: Richard Painter is a former Republican, ran for U. S. Senate as a Democrat and is now an Independent. He worked in the George W. Bush Administration as associate counsel to the President in the White House Counsel’s office from February 2005 to July of 2007. His specialties are government ethics, business ethics, and lawyers’ ethics. Since Donald Trump began his run for the presidency in 2016, Painter has been an outspoken critic of candidate Trump and President Trump, appearing frequently on such popular cable news stations as CNN and MSNBC. The author of two books, he has also appeared on NPR’s All Things Considered and recently was a guest on The Bill Maher Show. Norman Eisen, President Barack Obama’s ethics chief, described Painter as “the Number 1 scholar in the country on government ethics.” Twitter:

Website- book: https://www.benbellabooks.com/shop/american-nero/



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