T. Trump Impeachment: U. S. Senate Votes Against Witnesses And Documents In The Senate Trump Trial


2020 January 31 Friday: from Washington D. C. and the U. S. Senate… the Trump Impeachment Trial! The U. S. Senate votes 51- 49 to prevent hearing from more witnesses including John Bolton, Mick Mulvaney and others. The vote comes as revelations about the John Bolton book and the Trump lawyer Pat Cipollone are being revealed daily. Pat Cipollone was sent a letter by the House Impeachment managers warning that they had information that he was a material witness in the trial and should not have represented Trump in the Impeachment! U. S. Senators and Republicans Willard “Mitt” Romney and Susan Collins voted for witnesses and documents with the Democrats. #Trumpimpeachment #Trumptrial #Impeachmenthearing #MittRomney #susanCollins #JohnBolton