T. Article: Mail Bombs Mailed To Former U. S. Presidents Clinton And Obama and C. N. N.- New York


T. Article: Mail Bombs Mailed To Former U. S. Presidents Clinton And Obama and C. N. N.- New York

2018 Oct. 24 Wed.  E. D. T.     Last update: 21:37     Reporting From St. Petersburg, FL  U. S. A.

Mark Skogman     Senior Reporter     Spectrum 360 Media

Today, packages containing bombs were mailed to the Bill And Hillary Clinton residence in Chappaqua, N. Y., the Barack and Michelle Obama residence in northwestern Washington D. C. and the Cable News Network New York City “Hub” headquarters.

On Monday, 22 October, a bomb was delivered to the mailbox of the residence of George Soros in Ketonah, N. Y. The bomb package did not detonate, a Soros employee brought it into a wooded area and police were called.

The bombs mailed to the former Presidents were intercepted in the mail stream by routine security checks and the bombs did not explode.  The former First Families were never in danger from these bombs. This is an ongoing situation and multiple law enforcement agencies are involved in investigating these cases.  Mail to current and former Presidents, Cabinet officials and Congress are processed at a mail processing facility using security protocols and are not delivered directly to the addressee without screening.

There was a report that a bomb was mailed to the White House in Washington, D. C., the residence of the First Family but this has been determined to be a false rumor. Late breaking information indicates that the padded envelope sent to C. N. N.- New York was addressed to former Director Of Central Intelligence John Brennan, a media contributor but not a C. N. N. employee.

Some initial reactions to this breaking story criticized U. S. President Donald Trump for encouraging physical violence at his campaign rallies over the last three years, fomenting an atmosphere of lawlessness with his supporters and supporting and encouraging people to body slam reporters at his rallies over this last weekend.

The Sunrise, Florida office of U. S. Representative Debbie Wasserman- Schultz was also searched, as the envelopes that were mailed containing the bombs used her address as the return address on the envelope. The type of bomb was identified as a simple black gun powder bomb design.

The C. N. N.- New York headquarters was evacuated as a precaution and C. N. N. facilities world wide were subject to bomb searches and security checks.

Other bombs were mailed to former U. S. Attorney General Eric Holder in Washington, D. C. and U. S. Senator Kamala Harris in California. They were also intercepted successfully. Eric Holder has had a private law practice in Washington D. C. since his resignation from the Obama Administration.  The mail bomb mailed to Eric Holder was actually returned to the return address due to a problem with address on the envelope, which was the office of Debbie Wasserman- Schultz.  Police took possession of the bomb there.

In a final bombing incident today, two mail bombs were mailed to U. S. Representative Maxine Waters and once again the bomb was intercepted using the routine security procedures for mail screening of Congressional mail.

To this time, there have been no detonations of any of the bombs and all the bombs have failed to come into contact with their apparent targets.

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