T. Article: Apparent Terrorist Attack in Manchester, England


T. Article: Apparent Terrorist Attack in Manchester, England

Mark Skogman     Senior Reporter     Spectrum 360 Media

’17 May 22 Mon.  E. D. T.  21:36     Manchester, England

During the 6:00PM E. D. T. hour today, Mon. 22 May, ’17, there was an apparent terrorist attack in Manchester, England at the Manchester Arena that was the site of an Ariana Grande concert.  The concert was ending as the attack occurred and was not actually in the large arena itself but either in the lobby or entrance areas or directly outside the venue and was a bombing attack with one explosion and apparently only one lone suicide bomber.  Initial reports from social media and local media in England indicate that 19 people are dead and 50 people were injured in this attack.  The attack apparently was an independent attack.

Other reports indicated Police later detonated a device near the arena and advised people to not be afraid as this was being done by the police to secure the area.  This appeared to be an additional bomb left by the bomber.  Later reports indicated that this information was wrong and that the purported bomb was just a pile of clothing and there was no second explosion.  There has been no information from the police as to the perpetrator, or claims of responsibility to this time, so a lot of basic information is unconfirmed or unknown at this time.  The Manchester Arena is the largest concert venue in England and has a capacity of about 21,000 people.  Ariana Grande is a young American pop musician.

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