Election 2016: The Primary Elections- Tue. 26 Apr. ’16- Initial Returns




It is the Election Year 2016 Primary elections and it is election day again!  This time it is a mini- Super Tuesday.  Tonite the voters in these states vote in their primary elections: Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania and Rhode Island.  At 8:01PM, tonite, Tue. 26 Apr. ’16, NBC News announced on MSNBC a projection of the result of the primary election in Maryland in the Democrat Party.  Hillary Clinton has been projected to be the winner of that election with 59 of 119 delegates won by her.  After that, it was projected that she has now won Delaware as well with 13 of 31 delegates.  There are more election results to come and Spectrum 360 will publish a follow- up article with more results and commentary.


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