Vehicular Terrorist Attack In Nice, France




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Vehicular Terrorist Attack In Nice, France

Mark Skogman     Senior Reporter     Spectrum 360 Media

’16 Jul. 14 Thu.  E. D. T.  21:31     Nice, France

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Thursday, 14 July, 2016 was Bastille Day in the country of France.  Bastille Day is celebrated as a day of independence in France with fireworks displays.  It is much like Independence Day on the fourth of July in the United States.  In Nice, France at about 10:40PM local time, as people gathered to watch fireworks, a man attacked the public with a large box truck by deliberately driving into crowds of people and injuring and killing people.  He also fired weapons from the truck cab as he drove.  There were weapons and grenades reportedly found in the truck. The truck driver was shot to death by police to stop the attack.  Initial reports indicate that the mayor of Nice France is stating there are 77 dead from the attack.  Other reports put the death count between 60 to 70 people.  It is being treated as a possible terrorist attack.  Local police have cleared the attack area and secured it and are assisting the injured people.  This is an ongoing story.  There has been no publicized claim of responsibility to this time.

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