T. Radio Program Spectrum 360 Posts Interview With Jonathan Edwards On The No Dakota Access Pipeline Demonstration At The Sacred Stone Camp


This is the interview that Mark Skogman and T. K. Weeks did on Mon. 29 Aug. ’16 on the last radio program Spectrum 360 with Jonathan Edwards.  He is a Native American man that is participating in the Demonstration against the Dakota Access Pipeline (N. D. A. P.) at the Sacred Rock camp by the Standing Rock Indian Reservation, near Cannonball, North Dakota.  This also comprises the area of the Red Warrior camp as well.  This is the area that President Obama visited in person to meet with the tribes in this area one to two years ago.  This is a gathering of Indian tribes that has not happened for over 100 years since 25 June, 1876 (!) when the 7 tribes of the Lakota or Sioux gathered for the 7 council fires of the Oceti Sakowin (pronounced O- check- ee Sa- cow- in) and has attracted about 2500- 4000 people from all over the world to the camp to stop this dangerous pipeline that if constructed as planned would cross the Missouri River and threaten the Mississippi River  watershed.  These people are on the front lines of working against climate change!  Listen to this important interview!

Link: https://soundcloud.com/user-737620611/a-s-360-int-sp-jonathan-edwards-n-d-a-p-160901-th-2129

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Note: Fri. 02 Sep. ’16 is the three year anniversary of the start of Spectrum 360!  Also the radio program Spectrum 360 podcast is now on Soundcloud for better service to our listeners!

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