Radio Program “Spectrum 360”: 16.42- ’16 Oct. 17 Mon.


Radio Program “Spectrum 360”: 16.42- ’16 Oct. 17 Mon.

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On Spectrum 360 in this edition for Mon. 17 Oct. ‘16:

The focus of this program is politics and the environment.

Join Spectrum 360 host Mark Skogman and Spectrum 360 co- host T. K. Weeks for another interesting discussion on S. 360.  We will interview live in the studio Stuart Flores and Tasha Hadley, two pro- clean water environmental activists who traveled to the Sacred Stone encampment in North Dakota and demonstrated in and were arrested at the No Dakota Access Pipeline demonstrations.  Wow!  Next we bring you the Jim Hightower Commentary on the famous Fighting Bob Festival.  And then we play the new song ‘Take Me Down” by Gene Clark from the new film “Deepwater Horizon”.  What else can we fit in???  Who knows!

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On next  weeks Spectrum 360…..

more elections coverage of the 2016 General Election cycle and more interesting segments from the Spectrum 360 staff.


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