Radio Program “Spectrum 360”: 17.03- ’17 Jan. 16 Mon.


Radio Program “Spectrum 360”: 17.03- ’17 Jan. 16 Mon.

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On Spectrum 360 in this edition for Mon. 16 Jan. ‘17:

The focus of this program is politics and….. to be announced.

This is Mark Skogman, Executive Producer and host of the radio program Spectrum 360.  Hello to our loyal Spectrum 360 listeners.  This week the Spectrum 360 staff is ill and instead of broadcasting a new original Spectrum 360 radio program we will do a special encore broadcast of the Spectrum 360 radio special interview with Robert J. Groden from Mon. 25 Nov. ’13.  Robert Groden is an author, photographic expert and acknowledged expert on the assassination of John Fitzgerald Kennedy on Fri. 22 Nov. 1963.  He is the author of the books “High Treason”, “JFK: The Case For Conspiracy” and his latest book is “JFK: Absolute Proof”.  Groden was a consultant on the Oliver Stone film “JFK” and appeared in the film actually three times.  I had the honor and pleasure of meeting Robert Groden in Dallas, Texas and doing a tour all the important Kennedy assassination related sites in the Dallas, TX area.  This man is a national hero and this interview with Robert was one of the most important honors of my broadcasting career.  This is an important interview that every American should hear and understand.

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On next  weeks Spectrum 360…..

Spectrum 360 plans tentatively to do a review of the events at the Presidential Inauguration in Washington D. C., the News Summary, the Future Events Calendar and the Jim Hightower Commentary


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