V. Video: Aerial Survey- S. T. P.- Time Lapse- 02 -17.02.07 Tu.


Event: Aerial Photographic Survey- S. T. P.     Video: 01- V.  A. S.- S. T. P.- T. L.- 02- 17.02.07 Tu.     Description: This video is a 15 second timelapse video that was recorded during the aerial photographic survey of the Sabal Trail Pipeline on Tue. 07 Feb. ’17.  The terrain and weather were beautiful and the view was spectacular.  This flight was organized by the WWALS environmental organization at http://www.wwals.net.  Support this organization and this important work.  http://www.wwals.net/donations  Enjoy!  J     Location: Central and North FL     Date: ’17 Feb. 07 Tue.     Time: 00:15     Copyright (C) 2017 Mark  Skogman  All rights reserved.

V. T. L.- 02     #SabalTrailPipeline     #WWALS     http://www.wwals.net     http://www.spectrum360media.com

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