A. Radio Program- Webcast: Spectrum 360- 17.41- ’17 Nov. 20 Mon.


Radio Program- “Spectrum 360”- Webcast: 17.41- ’17 Nov. 20 Mon.

Listen to the Spectrum 360 live program weekly on Mondays at 11:00PM  Eastern Time on these stations in Tampa Bay:

AM1340 WTAN- AM     AM1350 WDCF- AM     AM1400 WZHR- AM     FM104.1 WTAN- FM     FM106.1 WZHR- FM

or via livestream at http://www.tantalk1340.com

Listen to the Spectrum 360 webcast mp3 file anytime.  Go to http://www.spectrum360media.com  or https://soundcloud.com/user-737620611 and click on the program date of your choice or any special interview.  For older radio program Spectrum 360 webcasts, go to http://www.internetradiopros.com, scroll down to Spectrum 360 link, click on it and listen to the program date of your choice.

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Spectrum 360 is a Progressive serious and humorous political talk radio program that also covers the arts and culture, hosted by Mark Skogman and co- hosted by T. K. Weeks, originating from St. Petersburg, FL, U. S. A.


On Spectrum 360 in this edition for Mon. 20 Nov. ‘17:

The focus of this program is all politics and also Al Franken!

Join host Mark Skogman and co- host T. K. Weeks for another edition of the Spectrum 360 radio program!

This week’s featured segment:

*A Report And Analysis Commentary on the situation with U. S. Senator Al Franken


This week’s standard segments:

*News Summary

*This Week In History

*Future Events Calendar

*Jim Hightower Commentary- Cyber Monday


Seg.:     01     News Summary And This Week In History- Featuring a Special Report by T. K. Weeks on the Chair of the Florida Democratic Party     08:24

Seg.:     02     Future Events Calendar     25:10

Seg.:     03     Jim Hightower Commentary- Cyber Monday     29:17

Seg.:     04     Report And Editorial Commentary on the situation with U. S. Senator Al Franken     33:32


On next  week’s Spectrum 360…..

Thanksgiving and a Report on The Kennedy Assassination Conference in Dallas, TX… and also the News Summary, the Future Events Calendar and the Jim Hightower Commentary


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Copyright © 2017 Mark Skogman     Copying and sharing the Spectrum 360 podcast for personal use is authorized and encouraged.

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