Titile Meme for the Spectrum 360 Interview

V. Video: Remove 45- Interview With Rita Fox And Joanne McCarthy- ’20 Jan. 04 Sat.


Event: Demonstration- Remove 45 Organization: Remove 45    Date: ’20 Jan. 04 Sat.     Location: Gulf To bay Drive- Clearwater, FL     Video: 01- Interview with Rita Fox and Joanne McCarthy   Description: Rita Fox and Joanne McCarthy, the organizers of the Remove 45 organization and demonstrations in Pinellas County, FL talk with Mark Skogman of Spectrum 360 Media about why they demonstrate against Donald Trump and want him removed from the Presidency of the United States.   Time: 03:29    Copyright (C) 2020 Mark Skogman  All rights reserved.    

To watch the video in full high definition quality, simply click on the “HD” icon on the lower right corner of the video frame. 

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