A. Radio Program- Webcast: Spectrum 360- 20.17- ’20 Apr. 27 Mon.


Radio Program- Webcast: Spectrum 360: 20.17- ’20 Apr. 27 Mon.

On Spectrum 360 in this edition for Mon. 27 Apr. ‘20:

The focus of this program is politics, a pandemic (as usual) and the environment in honor of the 50th anniversary of Earth Day!

Join host Mark Skogman and co- host T. K. Weeks for another edition of the radio program Spectrum 360!

This program’s featured segment: an excerpt from the new environmental documentary film executive produced by Michael Moore and directed by Jeff Gibbs entitled “Planet Of The Humans”. Interesting and controversial.


List: Segments And Contents

Seg.- 01: The Spectrum 360 News Summary featuring This Week In History, Climate And Environment News and General News

Starts at: 09:26 Length: 22:30

*Climate And Environment News

Starts at: 09: 26 Length: 04:10

*General News

Starts at: 14:12 Length: 12:13

*This Week In History

Starts at: 26:56 Length: 05:00

Seg.- 02: The Spectrum 360 COVID- 19 Corona Virus Report with co- host and practicing registered nurse T. K. Weeks **Exclusive!**

Starts at: 32:46 Length: 07:03

Seg.- 03: The Jim Hightower Commentary- the current state of the post office and introducing new services.

Starts at: 40:31 Length: 02:00

Seg.- 04: Spectrum 360 Excerpt: an excerpt from the controversial new environmental film executive produced by Michael Moore entitled “Planet Of The Humans”. This film has caused a lot of anger in the environmental community related to the content of the film and it’s harsh criticism of some prominent environmentalists.

Starts at: 43:44 Length: 06:15


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The radio program Spectrum 360 is a talk radio program that covers news, politics, arts and culture with both serious and humorous coverage from a Progressive point of view, hosted by Mark Skogman and co- hosted by T. K. Weeks, originating from St. Petersburg, FL, U. S. A. Spectrum 360 is an original, one of a kind program that blends together sound from many sources and types into a unique aural landscape.

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