V. Video: Rally- Justice For George Floyd- ’20 May 30 Sat.- 03- In 3 Minutes- Still Version


Event: Rally- Justice For George Floyd    Date: ’20 May 30 Sat.     Location: St. Petersburg, FL- City Hall to Police Dept. Headquarters    Video: 03- In 3 Minutes   Description: Demonstrators demonstrated for justice for George Floyd with two rallies and a march between them. This is a 3 minute version of these events using still photographs and audio of the events of that day.    Time: 03:23    Copyright (C) 2020 Mark Skogman  All rights reserved.     To watch the video in full high definition quality, simply click on the “HD” icon on the lower right corner of the video frame.

#GeorgeFloyd #JusticeForGeorge #Blacklivesmatter #BlacklivesmatterFL #StPetersburgFL #StPete #March #Rally #Stillphotos

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