T. Article: Spectrum 360 Coverage Of The People’s Climate March

18216807_1942665945964734_6284630288428580319_oSpectrum 360 Coverage Of The People’s Climate March

Mark Skogman     Senior Reporter     Spectrum 360 Media

’17 Apr. 30 Sun.     Washington D. C.

This is Mark Skogman, Executive Producer for Spectrum 360 Media and the host of the Spectrum 360 radio program, now on 5 stations in the Tampa Bay area in Florida. Staff members of Spectrum 360 Media has been in the Washington D. C. area for over one week covering the Marches happening in Washington D. C. over the last two weekends: The March For Science on Sat. 22 Apr. ’17 and the People’s Climate March on Sat. 29 Apr. ’17. Today was the People’s Climate March and I was there in person to cover the March. Wow, was the weather hot. And it is April! I recorded multiple videos today and some of them are already posted on the internet on Facebook and will be shared to Spectrum 360 Video and Spectrum 360 Media on Facebook and also www.spectrum360media.com. So, look for the Spectrum 360 videos and still photographs from the People’s Climate March!


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V. Video: R. And M.- People’s Climate March- 17.04.29 Sa.- 02- Pre- March

Event: Rally And March- People’s Climate March- 17.04.29 Sa.      Video: V.  R. And M.- P. C. M.- 17.04.29 Sa.- 02- Pre- March     Description: this is a video of the People’s Climate March during the pre- march organizing of the march before it started.     Location: Near the reflecting pool in front of the Capitol building- National Mall- Washington D. C.     Date: ’17 Apr. 29 Sat.     Time: 01:14


People’s Climate March, Pre- March, National Mall, Washington D. C.

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Spectrum 360 Radio Program and Spectrum 360 Media On Hiatus

To: Spectrum 360 Media Fans

From: Mark Skogman  Executive Producer  Spectrum 360 Media

The radio program Spectrum 360 is on hiatus until Mon. 24 April, 2017 when we will again return to broadcasting new original live programs. Thank you for your patience while the Spectrum 360 Media staff takes a break to perform other important professional and personal business. We look forward to restarting the live program next week! Believe me, we have not been idle during this break from live broadcasts.

V. Video: Aerial Survey- S. T. P.- Time Lapse- 02 -17.02.07 Tu.

Event: Aerial Photographic Survey- S. T. P.     Video: 01- V.  A. S.- S. T. P.- T. L.- 02- 17.02.07 Tu.     Description: This video is a 15 second timelapse video that was recorded during the aerial photographic survey of the Sabal Trail Pipeline on Tue. 07 Feb. ’17.  The terrain and weather were beautiful and the view was spectacular.  This flight was organized by the WWALS environmental organization at http://www.wwals.net.  Support this organization and this important work.  http://www.wwals.net/donations  Enjoy!  J     Location: Central and North FL     Date: ’17 Feb. 07 Tue.     Time: 00:15     Copyright (C) 2017 Mark  Skogman  All rights reserved.

V. T. L.- 02     #SabalTrailPipeline     #WWALS     http://www.wwals.net     http://www.spectrum360media.com

T. Article: Spectrum 360 Media Participates In Aerial Survey Of The Sabal Trail Pipeline







Spectrum 360 Media Participates In Aerial Survey Of The Sabal Trail pipeline

Mark Skogman     Senior Reporter     Spectrum 360 Media

’17 Feb. 10 Fri.     St. Petersburg, FL

On Tuesday, 07 February, 2017 Spectrum 360 participated in an aerial photographic survey of the current state of the Sabal Trail Pipeline (S. T. P.) in central and north Florida.  Flying from an undisclosed location, the all volunteer crew overflew the pipeline route, surveying from the Dunnellon area to the Kissimmee area in Florida.  Photographer Mark Skogman acted as still photographer and video photographer for this flight.  Second photographer was Jim Tatum.  Navigator was Andrea Rea.  Good job, everyone.  The team immediately gelled and concentrated on the big task at hand.

The flight was organized by the WWALS Watershed Coalition (www.wwals.net).  WWALS Watershed Coalition advocates for conservation and stewardship of the Withlacoochee, Willacoochee, Alapaha, Little, and Suwannee River watersheds in south Georgia and north Florida through education, awareness, environmental monitoring, and citizen activities.  To contribute to support the work of WWALS, use this link: http://www.wwals.net/donations/  This is an organization worth supporting.

Spectrum 360 Media will be releasing the large amount of media created from the flight starting today and for the next several days.  Use this media to get informed on the current state of the Sable Trail Pipeline in Florida and make informed judgements on it’s impact on the Florida environment.

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#SabalTrailPipeline     #WWALS     #www.wwals.net     http://www.wwals.net

T. Article: The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals Rules Against The Trump Administration’s Travel Ban


The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals Rules Against The Trump Administration’s Travel Ban

Mark Skogman     Senior Reporter     Spectrum 360 Media

’17 Feb. 09 Thu.     San Francisco, CA

Today, at approximately 6:35PM Eastern Time, it was announced that the U. S. 9th Circuit Court Of Appeals in San Francisco, California ruled on the Trump Administration’s Executive Order on Travel from 7 majority Muslim countries in the Middle Eastern region of the world and allowed the temporary restraining order by the lower courts to stay in effect.  This is the second ruling by Federal Courts on the so- called Travel Ban.  The ruling allows the injunction to stay in effect in the State Of Washington Et Al Vs. Donald Trump case.  This prevents the travel ban from being implemented as written.

The ruling was issued by a three judge panel of the court that includes Carter appointee William Canby Jr., G. W. Bush appointee Richard Clifton and Obama appointee, Michelle Friedland  This is a significant legal defeat for the Trump administration.  Critics of the Trump Administration interpret this as a clear indication of the incompetence and unconsitutionality with which the order was drafted and then implemented with it’s subsequent chaos and disruption of Federal Agencies, international travel and the lives of the individual persons and families affected.  At least one person has died due to the the situations that the travel ban created as reported by Democracy now last week.  The countries affected by the travel ban are: Iraq, Iran, Syria, Libya, Sudan, Yemen and Somalia.  Some of these countries are taking measures to retaliate.

Donald Trump has vowed that his Administration will fight this ruling and downplayed the ruling in brief comments to reporters in a hallway at the White House after the ruling was announced.  Will this include Donald Trump continuing to insult the Federal Judiciary via Twitter? Only time will tell.

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V. Video: R. And M.- W. M. O. W.- S. P.- 17.01.21 Sa.- 11- Song- Jun And Friends- 02

Event: Rally and March- Women’s March On Washington- St. Petersburg     Video: 11- Rally- Song- Jun And Friends- 02     Description: Musician and songwriter Jun Bustamante was joined on stage by friends and the group performed 3 improvisational rap songs at the rally.  Song: 02     Location: St. Petersburg, FL     Date: Sat. 21 Jan. ’17.     Time: 03:09     Copyright (C) 2017 Mark A. Skogman  All rights reserved.